Handcrafted book stand for large books

Our book rest for large illustrated books perfectly holds and displays large coffee table books, photographic albums and big books. Each book stand is handcrafted and made of high quality stainless steel. You have a large book or big photo album and you do not know how to display it? Big illustrated books often don´t fit in the bookshelf. We have a solution - display your big book with our book rest for large books. The elegant design of our book easel garantuees a beautiful and handy presentation of your big hardcovers.

There are many nice and large books, for example the books by the publishing company Verlag Taschen from Cologne. With our book stand for big books we offer you the best way to show them. All bookstands are handcrafted according to your wishes concerning design and size. Our bookrests for big books will hold your book, no matter how big it is. Our company is situated in Saxony / Germany. Bookstand as shown on the pictures above start at $ 499,- incl. VAT plus shipping.

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